Thursday, 26 April 2012

Peaches Geldof becomes anti-circumcision icon

As well as helping to "Feed The World" with Band Aid, "Sir" Bob Geldof became one the men's movement's most famous advocates because of his first-hand experience of the family courts. After winning custody of his three daughters, following his divorce from Paul Yates, the Nobel Peace Prize nominee became an outspoken advocate for fathers' rights and the need for family law reform.

Now his eldest daughter Peaches has become an unlikely men's rights advocate herself by taking a personal stand against Unnecessary Male Circumcision on religious grounds. Peaches converted to Judaism for her partner Thomas Cohen last year and now the pair have had a baby boy.

However the couple have decided to go against Jewish tradition and won't be circumcising their son - making the pair unlikely icons of the 'intactivist' movement that campaigns for boys to have the same rights to genital autonomy as girls.

In a bizarre twist to the story, Cohen is frontman of a band called S.C.U.M. The name is taken from The S.C.U.M. Manifesto - a radical anti-male manifesto written by Valerie Solanas, the woman who shot and attempted to murder Andy Warhol.

The irony for this unwitting icon for the "anti-cutting" movement is that S.C.U.M. is short for the Society For Cutting Up Men.

To read more about the campaign against Unnecessary Male Circumcision in the UK and plans for July conference on the issue CLICK HERE NOW.

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  1. I am a61 year old, all my life I did suffer of that circumcision. It kills male organ sensetivity ( because of head of the organ always touches to the under wear). I am delighted to give my support to anti circumcision movement, and my saying that ( Who ever invented that circumcision curse on to especialy us the males, and some girls in other,countries. May our father in haven curse them the one who did bring that sicken operation at the first,and the circumcisers,which them continues.These days I am looking to get an other operation, and repair the damage allready done. Yours sincerelly