Sunday, 6 May 2012

45% of circumcisions in Oxford were botched

One in two Muslim boys circumcised in an Islamic school in Oxford ended up with medical problems according to a report in The Journal of Public Health.

The distressed boys - who were six years old on average - were forcibly held down during the procedure that was carried under a local anaesthetic which is only considered suitable for newborns and infants.

The study's co-authors, who found that 45% of the boys ended up with complications, concluded that "this incident highlights the harm associated with circumcision in young children by unregulated operators" The Guardian newspaper reports.

An earlier report by the BBC found the Royal London hospital treated 32 boys suffering from circumcision complications over the course of one Summer.

One Muslim parent told BBC London that his sons, aged 5 and 10, were left in agony after being circumcised by a "community practitioner". The boys were held down by six people as they were circumcised without an anaesthetic and the five year was kept isolated in hospital for 10 days while he recovered.

For a fuller report click here for the BBC website.


  1. Ban is turn done secretly in worst conditions!
    Not ban!
    Give good conditions and be demandfull about that and the expertise formation and good practices of the practitioners (doctors, mohel's, sunnet├ži) with health and hygiene concerns and doing it safely it is even advised by UN health org.
    Freedom with responsibility and control much better than repression and persecution!
    Best regards

  2. Do you think it okay to cut off part of someone's body without their permission? YES or NO. Is medical, modification, or mutilation? We all know it's scarification of the genitals - of what remains.

    1. I can't talk as if i was in a cultural background that are not the mine, and so what i think will not probably be the same others think about the same thing. same act can be valued in difrent ways (as agrssion or as proud, for example pain is pain a fact - you can feel hurted by it or proud of face it - it's hou you value it - one example in high competition sports: blood sweat and glory ... an agression or a proud?) well i'm no one to can judge the others cultural background but one thing about the facts i sustein better in good conditions safly and celebrated to be perceived as proud than done secretly in bad conditions and taking the chances of in many cases end botched!

      Direct answer No i do not think ok cut part of someone's body if that is senselesse - but we must remember what are senselesse to ones not always are senselesse to others

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