Friday, 4 May 2012

Death By Unnecessary Male Circumcision

The Unnecessary Male Circumcision of newborns was dropped as a routine procedure by the NHS in the UK in 1949 on the recommendation of physician Douglas Gairdner who revealed it was causing 16 deaths a year.

Sadly there are still as many as 100 Unnecessary Male Circumcisions performed in the UK every day and Unnecessary Male Circumcision is still claiming the lives of baby boys such as the case of the Oldham baby who bled to death in April 2010.

In some cases, Jewish baby boys die from Herpes contracted from the metzitzah b'peh ritual when the Mohel places his mouth on the baby’s penis and sucks blood from the wound. In the UK in 2007 Amital Moshea, a 7 day old baby, died in a synagogue in Golders Green shortly after his circumcision - he was revived but died the following week.

In South Africa dozens of young men die from ritual circumcision every year – with 91 men killed by ritual circumcision in 2009 alone.

In the US it has been estimated that more than 100 baby boys die as a result of circumcision every year

Unnecessary Male Circumcision has also led to suicide later in life – most notably in the case of Bruce Reimer who was raised as a girl after his penis was removed during circumcision. The incident also affected Bruce Reimer's twin brother sparking a mental disturbance that developed into schizophrenia and ultimately death by drug overdose, which may have been suicide. 

In the UK, Linda Massie of NOCIRC of Northern Ireland has highlighted how her son attempted suicide due to lack of understanding of the trauma circumcision can cause. The Male Health website in the UK states that it has received emails from several circumcised men who have contemplated suicide.

In Australia Shane Petersen who grew up with a deformed penis as a result of Unnecessary Male Circumcision admits that he attempted suicide. Shane's Circumcision Information website includes information about circumcision deaths in Australia.

The CIRP (Circumcision Information and Resource Pages) carries a list of some of the most widely reported deaths from Unnecessary Male Circumcision.

In South Africa a prominent circumcision surgeon was hacked to death with a spade by a 22 year old man he had circumcised in 2006. 

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  1. Ban is turn done secretly in worst conditions!
    Not ban!
    Give good conditions and be demandfull about that and the expertise formation and good practices of the practitioners (doctors, mohel's, sunnet├ži) with health and hygiene concerns and doing it safely it is even advised by UN health org.
    Freedom with responsibility and control much better than repression and persecution!
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