Friday, 4 May 2012

How we emotionally disable circumcised boys

Circumcised boys are 60% more likely to be emotionally disabled by alexithymia (a condition which frequently overlaps with autism and Asperger syndrome).

A study linking the early trauma of circumcision and the personality trait disorder was published in the International Journal of Men’s Health.

The idea for the investigation came when the authors noticed that American men (for whom circumcision is likely) had higher alexithymia scores than European men (for whom circumcision is unlikely), and that European men had about the same scores as European and American women.

People suffering from alexithymia have difficulty identifying and expressing their emotions. This translates into not being able to empathize with others.

According to Intact News "a common reason fathers give for deciding to circumcise their son is so they will “look alike,” but these authors speculate that perhaps a subconscious motivation is so that they will “feel alike,” in other words as equally distant and emotionally unavailable as themselves".

A 1987 report - circumcision decision: prominence of social concerns 90% of circumcised fathers in the US choose to circumcise their son, compared with 23% of non-circumcised fathers. 

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  1. If it was bad circumcised parents should be the 1sth not choosing it to their kids and not the opposite! don’t you think? (as most US males not done by religion or ritual meaning certainly that cases much less than 90%)
    So if they choose it they approve it and are happy with it and who know better than hwo experienced it? Or you believe 90%+ of the fathers of US want bad to their kids?
    Nerveless being done should always be properly safely!