Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Men's Health Leader Calls for UK debate on circumcision

The head of the UK’s leading men’s health organisations – Peter Baker, CEO of the The Men’s Health Forum (MHF) – has called for a full public debate on the issue of male circumcision in the UK. The call was made after the case of a baby boy in Oldham who bled to death following a circumcision was brought to Mr Baker’s attention by circumcision campaigners in the UK.
Speaking about the incident Peter Baker said: ‘Male circumcision is often viewed as an anodyne procedure – in stark contrast to the barbarity of female circumcision – but it is actually a potentially highly dangerous practice about which we need a full public debate sooner rather than later. We cannot shy away from this any longer.’
We will be inviting representatives from The Men’s Health Forum to attend the How To Prevent Unnecessary Male Circumcision conference in July along with representatives of the medical profession, religious communities, children’s charities, equality and diversity practitioners, human rights campaigners, legal experts, men’s rights campaigners and male survivors of the procedure who wish they had not been subjected to unnecessary circumcision without their consent.
The conference will be hosted by the UK charity Genital Autonomy which campaigns for an end to non-therapeutic genital surgery on children whether they are male, female or intersex
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