Friday, 4 May 2012

Some Key Facts About Unnecessary Male Circumcision

For more information on Unnecessary Male Circumcision see Wikipedia and the World Health Organisation report - Circumcision: global trends and determinants of prevalence, safety and acceptability

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  1. There are not such a thing as Unnecessary male Circumcision!
    UN Health Organization Advise Circumcision!
    (of course safely done)

    There are unnecessary medically mandatory circumcision, but always advisable! (with few exceptions by some medical conditions as haemophilia and others...)

    There are unnecessary bad done circumcisions, that are the problem, not the circ but not be properly done!
    But ban is turn done secretly in worst conditions!
    Not fight against! Not ban!
    Give good conditions, fight for it and be demandfull about that and the expertise formation and good practices of the practitioners (doctors, mohel's, sunnet├ži) with health and hygiene concerns and doing it safely it is even advised by UN health org.
    Freedom with responsibility and control much better than repression and persecution!

    To boys get circumcision should be almost so certainly as immunizations are !
    Best regards