Monday, 7 May 2012

Stop The Pillory Of Circumcision Critics

To The Letters Editor of The Sunday Times 

I was surprised to see a letter from the Manchester Evening News’ former crime reporter Andrew Nott ridiculing men who spoke out against Unnecessary Male Circumcision in the UK.

As many as 100 Unnecessary Male Circumcisions are performed in the UK every day and the practice can and does cause death and injury.

A report into Unnecessary Male Circumcision at an Islamic school in Oxford found that 45% of the boys subjected to this painful, non-consensual and medically unnecessary procedure ended up with medical complications and several were hospitalised.

The most serious complication of all is death - and one of the most recent male circumcision deaths was of a baby boy who bled to death just 30 miles from Mr Nott’s home.

If Mr Nott was still a crime reporter in Manchester he may well have been asked to cover the trial of a woman from Salford for the manslaughter of this baby, which will be heard in November this year.

I cannot think of any other issue that causes the unnecessary death and injury of babies and young children where those who dare to speak out are subject to mocking and ridicule from professionals like Mr Nott.

The dangerous practice of Unnecessary Male Circumcision in the UK needs to be address as a matter of urgency and first we need to make it socially unacceptable for people like Mr Nott to mock and ridicule those who dare to stand up for the genital autonomy of boys in the UK.

Best Regards

Glen Poole 


  1. Excellent letter. Mr. Nott and others ridicule those who speak up for human rights need to be held accountable.