Friday, 18 May 2012

UK Atheists Speak Out On Circumcision

The Freethinker - a magazine and website that has been the "voice of atheism" in the UK since 1881, has reaffirmed its opposition to Unnecessary Male Circumcision.

Barry Duke, editor of The Freethinker, has posted an online article declaring his "horror' at news that the pro-circumcision lobby in Australia is calling for more boys to be circumcised. In the same article, Barry highlights the July 2012 mini-conference on preventing circumcision that this blog is supporting.

In his Freethinker article on unnecessary male circumcision Barry says:

"I was horrified to learn earlier this month that 'a group of senior medical experts' in Australia are advocating circumcision for infant boys......I now learn that a conference is to take place to explore how boys might be protected from being unnecessarily damaged by the practice."

The Freethinker has a good track record of featuring articles on Unnecessary Male Circumcision and has a comments section on each article where you can join in the debate.

Thanks to Barry and The Freethinker for highlighting this important issue if you want to visit The Freethinker and join the debate click on this link Freethinking Link now.

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