Wednesday, 13 June 2012

2 Jewish baby boys die from circumcision herpes

11 Jewish babies in New York contracted herpes during circumcision, ten of those babies were hospitalized, two suffered brain damage, and two died.

The herpes is passed to the baby during a procedure called metzitzah b’peh, in which an adult male, usually the circumciser, places his mouth directly on the wound created by the removal of the infant’s foreskin to suck away the blood.

New York City health officials are now proposing Orthodox Jewish parents be required to sign a consent waiver before they can take part in the ritual according to a report on circumcision in the New York Times 

See our report on the growing number of rabbis opposing circumcision and encouraging members of different Jewish communities to give up the practice.


  1. As if this photo doesn't say it all--one man looking away as another performs oral suction on the wounded penis of a screaming baby. Why is it that "belief systems" keep us from acknowledging the truth of atrocities?

  2. Jerry Sandusky would be jealous. No prosecution even a possibility.

  3. Repulsive in the extreme. How can a 6,000 year old practice of torture to enslave captives be practiced as religious ritual and photographed for public viewing?
    How can this exist in contemporary humanity.
    The prepuce is an ontological presence on the human male, created by a deity in whom practitioners of this ritual are purported to believe.
    Is it not blasphemy or heresy to attack, wound and destroy an organ created on and belonging to a neonate? Causing a deadly infection in the process?
    Shame is the only truth in this atrocity.

  4. For a couple of minutes after reading this, I was speechless except for obscenities.

    In fact, nope, I'm still not capable of intelligent comment beyond shouting "WHY!!!!!" at my screen.

  5. Thanks all for taking time to read the blog and comment on this post

  6. Outrage, then rage, this is both physical and psychic violence. See the work of Wilhelm Reich on sex economy and circumcision. Parent Freeggin think twice.