Tuesday, 26 June 2012

German court rules male circumcision illegal

In a groundbreaking decision, a regional court in Cologne, Germany has ruled Unnecessary Male Circumcision illegal.

The following post is based on a google translation of an article which appeared in the German Financial Times -  you can read to google translation by clicking here

The ruling concerned a Muslim doctor who had circumcised a four-year-old boy at the request of the parents Two days later the boy was bleeding from his penis and the mother took him to the children's emergency room.

Local prosecutors became aware of the case and indicted the circumciser. The district court initially found the procedure to be legal but the prosecutor and she appealed.

At the appeal the district court ruled that the circumcision constituted "serious and irreversible impairment of physical integrity."

According to the article, this means that the circumcision of boys for non-medical reasons in future with be considered an assault and anyone who circumcises a boy in Germany is liable to prosecution.

Neither the parents nor the right to freedom of religion guaranteed in the Basic Law can justify this procedure, the court ruled.

Every year in Germany, several thousand boys are circumcised in their early years at the request of parents. It is the first time a German court has ruled the procedure is illegal.

The news is a huge victory for "intactavists" worldwide and the article acknowledges that a "massive resistance"   to the practice is taking shape. 


  1. We are seeing this massive resistance taking shape with a groundswell of new people coming to the intactivist movement. In Seattle this weekend mothers, fathers and children marched in the Seattle Pride Parade for genital integrity rights.

  2. Thank GOD for Germany. I am so relieved to finally see that humanity is crawling it's way out of our barbarianism. Circumcision needs to END, EVERYWHERE.

  3. Germany still trying to rid its country of the Jews. Just in a less aggressive manner.

    I don't see this lasting.

    1. Or maybe it's trying to protect boys from circumcision mishaps like hemorrhaging, such as in this case?

      Nah, couldn't be...


  4. The Old Testament teaching in favour of circumcision was rescinded in the New Testament. This practise is a throwback to the OT Jewish law and is not necessary.

    1. The OT mandate for male circumcision was merely ritual or ceremonial in nature, not the radical cut performed by surgeons today. Under the Mosaic Covenant, merely a slice on the overhang of foreskin was severed.

  5. A majority of German Jews grew up in the former Soviet Block and are totally secular. They are secretly relieved by this decision, which gives them a reason not to circumcise their children: "it's against the law!" Religious Jews will bang the drum to get this overturned.

    This "law" will, in all likelihood, be easily evaded. For example, about half of German Jews live in Berlin, which is only a one hour drive from the Polish border. Moslems will counter this law by having their sons circumcised in Tunisia or Turkey. I also predict that Austria, France and Switzerland will not both align with Germany in this tender regard.

    Germany will never enforce this law by inspecting penises, because that's what the Gestapo did 70 years ago. Finally, it is difficult to enforce a law if the supposed "victims" declines to see himself as victims.

    People, the most effective strategy to eliminate routine circumcision is not to make it illegal (that creates martyrs to the First Amendment or equivalent), but to have the circumcised penis seen as sexually unfashionable, and as a condition requiring the owner's full adult consent.

  6. Thanks for the comments - there isn't a law in the world that isn't broken- and that's not a reason to not have that law - and having international laws to protect girls and not boys just doesn't work

    Law change is essential - one country at a time - and then culture change follows over time

  7. I personally don't think people should "go after" anyone. If the adult men the circumcised boys become object, then they should be able to take their circumcisors to court.

    No, don't ban circumcision, allow it. Even "religious."

    But men should have the right to sue their mutilators.

    This is not going to stop until circumcision stops being a source for profit and a liability instead.