Saturday, 14 July 2012

Birmingham NHS Bosses Stay Silent As Botched Circumcisions Put 100 Boys In A&E

Two boys a week are being admitted to the Emergency Department in Birmingham Children’s Hospital and one boy a month comes close to death as a result of male circumcision.

The startling information was uncovered by a Freedom Of Information request which also revealed that Hospital bosses are remaining silent on the issue.

Rob Checketts, Director of Communications at Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, has confirmed that the hospital conducted an audit of 105 boys admitted to the Emergency Department with circumcision related complications in 2009. He said the audit has been sent to commissioners at Birmingham & Solihull NHS Cluster but that the commissioners had not replied.

He said the audit was produced because the Birmingham Children’s Hospital Emergency Department wanted to investigate if the appropriate aftercare was being provided to the high volume of boys being admitted with circumcision-related complications. 

Mr Checketts also confirmed that in 2011, 11 baby boys aged 0-1 years old were admitted to the paediatric intensive care unit with life-threatening complications directly caused by circumcision.

The circumcision complications they were treated for included life threatening haemorrhage, shock and sepsis (which is the body’s immune system overacting to an infection)

Dr Antony Lempert of the Secular Medical Forum said:

“There are practically no therapeutic indications for circumcision in this age group so these 11 boys nearly died for an operation they didn't need. This is clearly the tip of the iceberg.

“We don't yet know whether or not the circumcisions were performed in hospital or in the community but we do know that Birmingham primary care trust has commissioned a circumcision service so it is likely that a significant proportion of these were done on the NHS.”


  1. It is a sad world in which it is perfectly legal to inflict an injury on an infant son that will scar him and affect his sex life permanently for the sake of some religious taboo. These people are blindly clinging to primitive beliefs that have no place in a modern civilised society.

  2. circumcision does not effect sex life. like any medical procedure it comes with risks. I have had a few operations on the nhs recently one on my nose and everytime ive got an infection.

    having a circumcision gets rid of that extra skin that can get germs trapped inside it. and many ppl have circumcisions done for hygiene reasons rather then religious. understand why its done before commenting.

    men happily have great sex lives n plenty of children at that

    1. Many men who have been circumcised are capable of enjoying sex and having children.

      To claim that circumcision "does nt affect sex life" is absurd. Clearly the mechanics and sensation of the circumcised penis are totally different to the normal penis. The extent to which this adversely (or even beneficially) affects sex life varies immensely from person to person.

      While occasional complication from operations are inevitable, nobody should be suffering an operation with it's attendant risks unless there is a sound clinical indication for it or they give personal consent.

      To present the normal sommensial flora of the foreskin as "germs" is misleading.

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