Wednesday, 11 July 2012

New York Times debates banning circumcision

The New York Times is running a debate on circumcision after a court in Cologne, Germany, ruled that parents can not have boys circumcised unless there is an urgent medical need.

It asks in particular if other jurisdictions follow this example, with laws to delay the procedure until boys can decide for themselves and give informed consent.

Holm Putzke a German law professor argues in one article that "all human beings should be able to make their own decisions about whether their genitals are to be injured, all the more so if such a procedure is irreversible and not medically necessary".

 In another article John V. Geisheker, executive director of Doctors Opposing Circumcision, makes the following point:

"All varieties of nontherapeutic, unnecessary, religious, ritual or cosmetic genital cutting imposed on children, regardless of motive, are legally indistinguishable. Each poses inarguable physical injury and psychological harm for the child. Moreover, the child, with rights to religious choice of his or her own, and an ethical right to an “open future,” has not yet expressed any personal religious beliefs or preferences whatsoever."

To read the full debate in the New York Times click here now

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