Saturday, 4 August 2012

1 in 3 Israeli Parents Don't Want To Circumcise

More evidence that the campaign to End Unnecessary Male Circumcision is a global grassroots movement comes from Israel where more and more parents are choosing not to circumcise their sons.

An extensive article on circumcision in Israel by the country's oldest daily newspaper - Haaretz - reveals that nearly a third of Israeli parents would prefer not to circumcise their sons.

Quoting an informal online survey conducted by the Israeli parenting portal, Mamy, around 5% of Israeli parents no longer circumcise their children because the object to disfiguring their children's bodies or they don't want to inflict pain on their children

According to the newspaper, increasing numbers of Jewish parents are choosing not to have their sons circumcised and support groups have been set up to help parents agonizing over the decision. 

The internet is also playing an important role in increasing the anti-circumcision movement in Israel with the Tapuz portal hosting a forum in Hebrew called 'Forgoing Circumcision' which reports a constant growth in traffic over the past decade. 

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