Did you know that baby boys in the UK are still dying as result of Unnecessary Male Circumcision?

Everyday, as many as 100 Unnecessary Male Circumcisions are performed in the UK, a practice which can cause death, disability, disease, pain and discomfort and physical damage.

While some of these are performed for religious and ritual reasons, the majority of Unnecessary Male Circumcisions in UK are performed on “medical” grounds.

Unnecessary Male Circumcision is a serious and significant problem which is largely ignored by those in positions of power and influence such as politicians, the medical profession, religious leaders, public sector officials, charities, equalities groups and the media.

As a civilized country and a world leader the UK can no longer remain silen about the unnecessary killing and injuring of boys both here and overseas.

The aim of the campaign to end Unnecessary Male Circumcision is to build an extensive network of individuals and organisations who are committed to saving boys’ lives and protecting their wellbeing. 

We will do this by enabling supporters to work together to find solutions to the daily problems caused by Unnecessary Male Circumcision in the UK.

If you want to be part of this national campaign to end Unnecessary Male Circumcision in the UK then CLICK HERE NOW to find out how you can get involved.

The first action you could take is to SIGN UP TODAY for the July 2012 Mini-Conference on preventing Unnecessary Male Circumcision at Keele University.

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