The Facts

There are an estimated 100 male circumcisions carried out every day in the UK - and most of them are unnecessary.

The key reasons we want to End Unnecessary Male Circumcision in the UK is that: 
  • Unnecessary Male Circumcision kills men and boys
  • Unnecessary Male Circumcision can cause short-term complications and long-term damage
  • Unnecessary Male Circumcision is often painful and carried out without anaesthetic 
  • Unnecessary Male Circumcision is often carried out on boys without their consent
  • Unnecessary Male Circumcision is - as the phrase suggests - UNNECESSARY!
What Do We Mean By Unnecessary? 

Unnecessary means different things to different people, but there are some things we can agree on........

We can all agree that it is unnecessary to carry out ritual and religious circumcisions in a way that causes death, such as the baby boy in Oldham who bled to death or the Jewish baby boys who die from Herpes contracted form the metzitzah b'peh ritual or the 91 men killed by ritual circumcision in South Africa in 2009. 

When circumcision is performed in hospitals with relatively few short-term complications, we can all agree it is unnecessary to perform religious circumcisions in the UK in a way that leaves 45% of boys with medical problems

Most of us would agree that it is unnecessary to carry out painful circumcisions without the appropraite anaesthetic. 

Most people in the UK would agree that it is unnecessary to perform non-consensual surgery on boys for some of the social reasons given in countries like the USA such as it looks nicer, smells better and is easier to clean. 

Many people believe it is unnecessary to perform non-consensual genital surgery on boys for religious reasons and that they should be left to make that choice for themselves when they reach adulthood. 

All of the above examples describe non-therapeutic circumcisions (NTC) which are not carried out for medical reasons.

However many 'therapeutic' circumcisions are also unnecessary and a growing number of people are becoming aware that as many as 91% of circumcisions carried out in the UK for 'medical' reasons could be unnecessary as the men and boys involved could have had their condition treated non-surgically. 

If you agree that one or more of the examples of male circumcision above is unnecessary then CLICK HERE to find out how you can TAKE ACTION to prevent Unnecessary Male Circumcision in the UK. 

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