Take Action

Do you want to take action to help end Unnecessary Male Circumcision in the UK? If so here are some of the actions you can take to make a difference today:

1. Join the Campaign To End Unnecessary Male Circumcision for free today by simply emailing glen@themensnetwork.org.uk
2. Support our social media campaign - click HERE and join us on facebook
3. Tell your friends about the campaign and ask them to support it too
4. Write a letter to your MP to ask if s/he will support the campaign
5. Write to your local councillor and ask your local authority to support the campaign
6. Sign our online petition to End Unnecessary Male Circumcision - click here to sign now
7. Click Here To Sign Up Today for the one day mini-conference in Keele
8. Click here to make a donation to The Men's Network and help us build this campaign
9. Support the work of NORM UKGenital Autonomy and Men Do Complain
10. Set up a local support group to campaign the end Unnecessary Male Circumcision in your area


  1. Thank you for all that you do for the rights of children and men, from an intactivist in the US.

  2. As the owner of a penis ruined by unnecessary circumcision, I am in full support of your campaign, and am starting:
    The Society for the Abolition of Childhood Genital Cutting.
    In Welsh, Y Gymdeithas er Dileu Plentyndod Torri Organau

  3. There is still a need for this work. I am sad that it is over four years since the last post here